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Tyrone ‘Diago’ McClain Bio

Board Members

Howard Stempler, President

Josh LaPan, Treasure

Matt Lucier, Secretary

Jennifer Safford-Farquharson

Matthew J. Dunn

Sherri Pitcher

Matthew Wally

Frank Nash

Joseph A. Sacco

Mario Silva Rosa

Michelle Cox

Ed Reynolds

Noah Legeti

Dwayne McClain


Tyrone ‘Diago’ McClain’s love of basketball most likely started prior to birth. Born in Worcester, MA in 1976 to a family full of local basketball standouts, Diago was in love with the sport ever since he was able to hold a ball. One of seventeen children, there was no shortage of kids to help him hone his skills. In high school, it was the tragic death of Diago’s brother that pushed him to work harder, play smarter, and ultimately become the outstanding basketball player he was destined to be. Diago McClain’s success in basketball excelled forward as he won State AAU Championships, as well as two National AAU Championships.  As the point guard for Holy Name Central Catholic High, he was ranked among the All-USA Top Players in Massachusetts. Shortly after playing at the high school level, Diago he began his coaching career. Since 1998, Diago McClain has coached youth at all levels and has developed players that have received scholarships and awards and have gone on to play at the collegiate level. For the past several years, Diago McClain has coached AAU teams at the national level, as well as serving as Assistant Coach for the varsity boys basketball team at his alma mater, Holy Name High School.

In 2009, Diago McClain founded Worcester PIF, Diago’s organization is the place where love for basketball and dedication to positive youth development come together with a grace and integrity that has the ability to lift youth to new heights.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.”
-Magic Johnson